If you knew a man who could guide you through the maze to help you reach astounding personal success, would you want to talk to him ? What if that man could teach you how to go from mediocre to magnificent in your endeavors,would you take a class from him?

THE BE IN IT 2 WIN IT SUCCESS TRAINING CLASS is a four hour class guaranteed to help you be successful and change your life for the better forever. The class size is small because Bruce personally works with each student.

Would you like to strengthen your mind and learn how to reduce stress, maintain healthy blood pressure, improve your posture, flexibility and increase your overall health and vitality.Would you like to learn about 2000 year old Chinese herbal medicines,teas and tonics. Would you like to learn how to lose weight, feel better, look better and have and radiate robust energy?

THE STRONG MIND STRONG BODY CLASS is a four hour beginners class taught by Shr Fu Gary Mitchell and Bruce Dobbs. It is a four hour class which introduces ancient Chinese movement for health and weight loss and vitality, world meditative philosophies and herbal and practical health strategies. We guarantee you we can show you how to loose weight, firm up and be more fit.

*Ask about our advanced Martial Arts Classes for Urban Self Defense and Security

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