Bruce Dobbs

Bruce Howard Dobbs

Bruce most recently served as Chairman of Home Style Foods an independent sausage manufacturing company recently sold to and investment group out of Chicago. Mr. Dobbs shared twelve-year tenure with Merrill Lynch as Assistant Vice President and certified financial manager. In this capacity, he managed over $3 billion worldwide in fixed income assets. He later served five years as Vice President of Investments with Prudential Securities in Atlanta and has a client list that consists of the moneyed elite of Atlanta and select well-to-dos across the nation. Mr. Dobbs, who is a candidate for a PHD in Leadership and Communication, is a well-established professional with experience in fund raising, political strategy and developing and managing a multitude of investment strategies and businesses. He still takes time to work with a number of charities.

A life time kung fu martial artist, talented motivational speaker and author, Mr. Dobbs has developed commercial real estate and holds investments in several businesses. He is married to celebrity Chef Erica and has four children. Appointed by former Governor Barnes as a Human Relations Commissioner, Bruce is a former board member of the Atlanta Boy Scouts of America, The Alexis De Tocqueville Society of the United Way and past president of The Atlanta Chapter of the National Association of Securities Professionals. Mr. Dobbs has deep generational roots in the Atlanta community.

He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer, Ascension Financial Holdings an investment bank advisory and company headquartered in Georgia. There his focus is renewable energy fiance, real estate and small business development.

In his current endeavor, (Solar Energy Depot) Bruce is looking toward raising investment capital and or partnering with renewable energy entities to lease solar panels to residential, commercial and municipal customers. Bruce's goal is to make solar panels accessible,affordable and as common place to the residents of Georgia as the microwave oven, dishwasher and cable box. He believes doing this responsibly will create jobs, benefit the consumer and provide business growth.